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Redoing Your Bathroom Cabinets the Cheap Way

Each day we spend a good deal of time in our bathrooms; in fact bathroom is the place we go for our personal rejuvenation and freshening. And of course, we want that time to be a relaxing and luxurious experience. A messy, cluttered and untidy bathroom, can cause uneasiness and discomfort in everyday life and make this experience an upsetting one.

Redoing your Bathroom CabinetsThe best you can do in this regard is to keep the bathroom neat and tidy, storing all the supplies and equipment organized in cabinets.  However, redoing your bathroom and installing new cabinets is not an easy or a cheap affair. Here we propose some ways that can help you redo your bathroom cabinets cheaply.

Redoing Your Bathroom Cabinets the Cheap Way

If you are planning to redo your bathroom, we have some ideas for doing it the cheapest way:

Jot down your Requirements: Write down all those things needed for your bathroom, and buy them keeping in mind your estimated budget. If you have sufficient budget, you can consider redoing the whole bathroom into a sleek, brand new one. On the other hand, if you have a small budget, find ways to redo it the cheapest way possible to save money.

Clear out Old Stuff:  Make sure you have removed all the old and useless stuff from the cabinets. Overflowing cabinets with unnecessary toiletries can ruin your efforts to get a dream bathroom.

Paint It Yourself: Paint or polish the bathroom cabinets yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. With this, you can give a spanking new look to the bathroom and save money.

Replace With Stylish Cabinet Hardware: Old cabinet hardware, like hoary drawer pulls and knobs usually look odd with new cabinet furnishing. Replace them with new, stylish stainless steel knobs and metallic drawer pulls. You will see how your bathroom cabinets get a new life with this slight change.

Redoing your Bathroom CabinetsReplace Old Cabinet Accessories: Purchase new rods or shelves if necessary. At times bathrooms may give a poor outlook because of the cluttered accessories stuffed in them. Don’t waste time getting the hairdryer first to reach shaving gel; instead just get a better and bigger rack to accommodate all your things.

Replace The Hinges: Replace hinges of cabinet doors if the old ones have rusted. You can paint the inside of cabinets to give them a sparkling look.

Finishing the Unfinished Bathroom Cabinets

You may see unfinished bathroom cabinets when you move into a new house. This is a great way to begin a new project and give an individual feel to the bathroom. Take a look at the unfinished cabinets and think of ways to customized and make them perfect.

  • Seal them with a coat of polyurethane to protect them as well as to give them a clear shine and new look. This is beneficial for people who love the natural grain of wood and want to retain it.
  • Some people may want to try something more decorative, by applying colors and tones in stain. They are easy to apply and also give a natural look.
  • Paint your bathroom cabinets to add style and vigor to the bathroom.
  • You can also change the color of the cabinet according to your choice or bathroom wall paint.

Bathroom cabinets can be easily redone to give the style and look you want even within a tight budget. With a little research and hard work, you can easily redo your bathroom and cabinets in the cheapest possible way.

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