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Building Television Cabinet the Easiest Way

If you want to save some money and put up a new TV cabinet economically, build it yourself. If you have some knowledge about carpentry and know how to hold a hammer, it would be a plus point. Even if you don't, all you need is to read the manual really well, understand things and viola! You are ready to build a TV cabinet yourself.

Building Television CabinetHere we present the easiest way to build a television cabinet that you can use in your living room, bedroom and guestroom or wherever want it.


For installing a cabinet you will require materials and tools like gloves, nails, screws, screwdrivers, sander, paint, polish or varnish enamel, drilling machine, saw and a hammer.


Easy Steps to Build a TV Cabinet

STEP 1: Measurements and Size

Measure the television set that you want to place in the cabinet. The size of your TV cabinet should be equal to the width and depth of your television set. However, it is better to take about 5 inches extra on each side to a suitable height so as not to cramp the TV. You have the choice of placing the television up on the cabinet or inside the shelf.

STEP 2: Estimation

Estimate how much wood you will require for building a TV cabinet. The amount of wood might vary depending upon the number of shelves or cabinets you want.  In any case, you will need:

  1. Any two pieces - width by height
  2. Any two pieces - width by depth
  3. Any two pieces - depth by height
  4. An extra piece for each shelf
  5. Extra wood for edging, support and legs

STEP 3: Purchasing the Materials

Purchase all the required wood from a lumberyard and other materials like hardware, paint, stain etc. from a wholesaler.

STEP 4: Cutting of the Wood

Measure and cut each piece of wood so that you have a top, bottom and back. If you want to create a shelf, cut out that piece too. You will also need a support piece if you want the shelf to hold a large TV. This should be the depth by the height of the shelf from the base.

Make sure to cut a circular or a square hole in the back of the cabinet for electronic wires that will run from your TV to the switch.

STEP 5: Attach

Attach the shelf to the back of television cabinet. Also, attach the support piece, sides, top and bottom. You can use nails as well as a powerful glue for this purpose. Make sure the pieces are attached together strongly before placing your TV on the cabinet.

Steps to Build a Television CabinetSTEP 6: Carving the Door

Carve an additional piece to the same dimension as the back. It would work as the door. You can either maintain it as one piece or split it into two. To add more to your TV cabinet, you can also make use of glass door and attach them with the hinges. Make sure they are properly fixed so that they don’t fall off with repeated usage.

STEP 7: Adjust

Adjust the legs with the base of the cabinet. You can also have a cabinet without legs that rests on its own weight. This way you can avoid the danger of breaking a leg.

STEP 8: Fix

Fix edging to put a stop for the doors. You may need hardware to keep the door latched properly.

STEP 9: Knobs and Handles

Connect the doorknobs or handles that you want to.

STEP 10: Paint and Finish

Your TV cabinet is all ready now, you only need to paint or stain the wood to match your décor. If it does not need paint, you can just varnish or polish it to add more elegance and beauty.

Congratulations! You have successfully built your television cabinet. Building a TV cabinet is not an easy task. However, with precise measurements and emphasis on detail, you can easily build a TV cabinet yourself in 10 simple steps!

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