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Bathroom Wall Cabinets - Storage with Elegance

A neat, attractive and elegant bathroom is dream of every homeowner. However, it can be a bit tricky and a backbreaking job to get an all-in-one bathroom that has both beauty and functionality with storage space to house your supplies.  This task seems difficult but with proper planning and skill, you can get the perfect bathroom cabinets that provide storage with elegance.

Bathroom wall cabinetsNo doubt, the best way to add beauty and functionality to your bathroom is the bathroom wall cabinets.

Utility of Wall-Mounted Cabinets for Bathroom

Is your bathroom in a messy condition? Don’t you have proper storage space where you can store your bathroom supplies and toiletries? Are your bathroom vanity surfaces cluttered and packed with maximal disorderly arranged bathroom artifacts? If you are facing all the above mentioned problems, then bathroom wall cabinets are there to help you organize all your bathroom supplies and equipment in an organized manner.

These days people store numerous bottles of lotions, perfumes, deodorants and common usage items like toilet papers, hair dryers, shavers, toothbrushes and toothpaste etc. to get all the supplies at one place. For this reason, a typical bathroom medicine cabinet that was fixed on top of sinks is now only used for keeping medicines or other basic supplies and now, even these medicine cabinets are getting outdated. Instead, wall mounted cabinets are being used in the bathrooms that provide elegance and ample storage with easy access.

Tips for Buying Bathroom Wall Cabinets

  • Home Improvement Retailers: For buying bathroom wall cabinets, you can simply pay a visit to the home improvement stores near you. They have a big collection of bathroom wall cabinets and let you pick up the ones of your choice.
  • Searching Online: If you were not able to find what you were looking for in a store, then you should conduct an online search. There you will find endless variety in materials and designs of bathroom wall cabinets. On the other hand, the prices there could be a bit higher due to shipping costs and it might take one week for processing and delivery of the goods. Always make a purchase keeping in mind the complete tariff/pricing the online store offers.
  • Building your own Bathroom Wall Cabinet: If you are still not satisfied and didn’t get what you were looking for, then you have the ultimate choice; “to build your own bathroom wall cabinet”. Remember, building your own bathroom wall cabinet is not just easy as you think about it. You should plan everything with care before you start building.

      If you don’t want to do this, find a semi-custom wall cabinet to meet your specifications as well as bathroom requirements.

Customization Options in Bathroom Wall Cabinets

The choice of a bathroom wall cabinet depends upon your requirements, style and convenience.

  • Glass: You can find bathroom wall cabinets with and without mirrors. If you don’t like a mirror in the wall cabinet but like it with a glass front, there are even more choices. You can buy a plain glass or a foggy one. Similarly, you can purchase an etched or non-etched glass.
  • Doors: When it comes to cabinet doors, there are two types; triple door and two door bathroom wall cabinets.
  • Designs: You can choose from a variety of designs in bathroom wall cabinets. In general, there are three styles available; antique, contemporary and country style.
  • Shelving: You can consider adding shelves or partitions as per the needs for storage space in your bathroom.

Installation Option in Bathroom Wall CabinetsInstallation Options

Many homeowners do not regard bathroom wall cabinets as a décor option since these cabinets are not handily replaced. The idea that a wall cabinet must be built inside the wall shows lack of insight as it might not be possible in all the cases. A cabinet can also be hung from a wall with help of a mountain system.

You need to keep the bathroom supplies in mind for which you require space while determining how much wall space it would take for installing extra bathroom wall cabinets. Here we present some guidelines on how to install bathroom wall cabinets:

  • Determine the position of the bathroom wall where the cabinets are going to be fixed.
  • Define a level horizontal line on the place where the bottom of each wall cabinet will be positioned.
  • Countercheck the design by spotting the dimensions for the cabinets and their location on the wall.
  • Make a parallel with the top edge of a passing 1*3 inches hold-up railing through the line for the bottom edge of the cabinets.
  • Fix a few 2-inched screws into the wall studs.
  • Make pilot holes all the way through the tougher part of the cabinet back or the hold-up railing into wall studs.
  • Fasten the cabinet to the wall with the help of two long screws to make a way into the wall studs with no less distance than 1.5 inches.

In short, bathroom cabinets can easily be fitted to the wall above the sink or anywhere else.  They not only provide you with a functional storage solution but at the same time add a touch of style to the bathroom.

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